About us

The BUEDG is associated with the the Department of English Literature at the University of Bamberg . We usually stage one play per year (mind that this is on a strict voluntary basis). During the winter months we usually offer a Theatre Workshop, courtesy of the above mentioned Department and headed by Rainer Streng.

Workshop and productions are basically separate entities, but you really should not miss any of them! For details on both (and on auditions) be sure to check the blackboard in U9 at the beginning of each Semester. If you are interested in the activities of the Bamberg University English Drama Group, you can contact Conny Daig-Kastura or Ken Wynne (English Department Uni Bamberg) for further information.

We would also be glad to add more pictures to the pages - if any of you has nice, funny and / or weird photographs of one of the past productions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important Note

These pages are constant „work in progress”. Please visit again!
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