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In the Public Eye (2001)

an evening of absurd slap-stick
voyeuristic sleuthing fun

cast 2001: (top left to right) Alex Hedler, Shane Walshe, Thorsten Heinz, Max Fiederer
(bottom l.t.r.) Nora-E. Gomringer, Susanne Stangl, Bettina Gerlach, Emily Flemming,
Barbara Sametinger

Revue Sketches by Harold Pinter

„Request Stop”

„That's Your Trouble”

„The Public Eye” by Peter Shaffer

One Act Comedy

There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal,
nor between what is true and what is false.
A thing is not necessarily either true or false;
it can be both true and false.”

- Harold Pinter, 1958

The Players

Mr. Jakes („Interview”) ... Alex Hedler
Charles Sidley („Public Eye”) ... Shane Walshe
Julian Christoforou („Public Eye”) ... Thorsten Heinz
Alvin („That's Your Trouble”) ... Max Fiederer
Camilla („Request Stop”) ... Nora-E. Gomringer
Interviewer („Interview”) ... Susanne Stangl
Belinda Sidley („The Public Eye”) ... Bettina Gerlach
Jackie („That's Your Trouble”) ... Katia Ebert (replacement for Emily Flemming)
Waitress („Interview”) ... Katia Ebert
The Experts
Language coaching ... Kenneth Wynne, Barbara Sametinger
Stage manager ... Rainer Streng
Make-up ... Dagmar Kohnle
Stage construction ... Volker Nitsche and the E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Theater Stage technicians
Lighting and sound ... Frank Gundermann
Stage design ... Barbara Sametinger, Sibylle
  Starklauf, Simone Jäger
Props / Costumes ... Mr. Krapp (E.T.A.-Hoffmann-Theater),
  Sibylle Starklauf, Simone Jäger
Graphic design ... New Media Artists - Thomas Hürl
Poster Art ... Stephen Tapert
Flyers ... Stephan kai Spörlein
PR ... Barbara Sametinger
Photographs ... Annie Mauerer, Stephan kai Spörlein
Treasurer / Secretary ... Ingeborg Penalba

Directed by Barbara Sametinger

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