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We'd like to thank...
  • Gustav Matschl and Rainer Lewandowski for their permission to use the Studiobühne.
  • Markus Goeppner, our stage magician, who has been patient.
  • Jürgen „Jogi” Hanelt, our sound technician, who stood by our side on Sunday, bloody Sunday.
  • Ingeborg Penalba. As usual, she gave us excellent advice.
  • Gerhard Fleck, Director of the Stadtsparkasse Bamberg, and
  • Friedrich Großkopf, Marketingabteilung SSK, for generous support.
  • Optik Dassler, Bamberg, for providing glasses (with true insight)
  • Malting Company Weyermann, Bamberg, for providing valuable comfort.
  • Ursula Reutner and the gals of HSG Amnesty International Bamberg. For being committed to the great task in hand: Love thy neighbour!
  • Jörg Kröner, for giving us shelter during the rain: The rehearsal weekend was a scorcher due to your support (hope the Siebenschläfer didn't mind our stay...)
  • Christian Rödel. For infinite patience while lending us his ear and descending to the lowlands of incidental music: cheers, lad.
  • Tom Assländer. For putting up with non-carpenters: „Da blutet dem Schreiner das Herz...”
  • Jens Mergenthaler, Chapeau Claque Kindertheater. Roman loves you.
  • And of course the whole staff of this year's production. The performance wouldn't have been possible without your undying enthusiasm and dedication.
  • This production is dedicated to the fond memory of Josef Weyrauther + , our helping hand over the years, who's watching over us now. We'll miss you.